Hi! I'm often asked for bra recommendations as a large-busted woman so I thought I would put info here about the bras I wear daily and why I prefer them over other brands I've worn.

THIRD LOVE is my favorite brand! I've worn them for almost two years now and HIGHLY recommend them! My two favorite styles (so far) for daily wear are the 24/7 CLASSIC T-SHIRT BRA and the 24/7 FULL COVERAGE BRA. And their KINETIC IMPACT SPORTS BRA is the BEST SPORTS BRA I've ever had as a large-busted woman!

I've done a TikTok series on WHY I like them so much that you can find by clicking on my TikTok link at the bottom of the page. I'll also include current sale links!

fantastic support

Full Coverage

Wide side panels, no spillage, and padded back! LOVE THIS!

great support and lift

T-Shirt Bra

Classic 24/7 T-Shirt Bra is my other favorite!

Adjustable, Convertible Straps & Tons of Support and Separation

Sports Bra

Kinetic Impact Sports Bra is the best support I've ever had from a sports bra!

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How to Measure Correctly For a Bra

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