Hi! I'm Stephanie Vetne and I'm on my 7th year selling online and have sold 6-figures every single year that I've been in business. My background includes being a writing professor and I've been in online marketing of some sort for over 17 years. I'm 54 and am passionate about helping other women - whether it's feeling confident in what they wear or in owning their own business and not being depedent on someone else for an income.

I've been asked many times to help other women start their own boutiques and I've started prepping an online course. It will likely be availabe around January 2023 and will be self-paced so you can race througth it if that's your style or you can take it as slowly as you want. You'll have lifetime access to the materials and any updates I add to it. My goal is to keep the course under $200. If you're interested in getting info as I get closer to launching it, please sign up below!

Start Your Own Online Boutique in this self-paced online course