Sizing Guide for Judy Blue Jeans

Judy Blue jeans are some of the most comfortable and flattering jeans on the market now and they're immensely popular.

Sizing can be a bit tricky because their denim has a mix of cotton and spandex - the spandex is part of the reason they're so comfortable because they move and stretch with your body. But it also means that most people can wear a smaller size than they're used to with 100% cotton denim.

Judy Blue Jeans with High Waist and Dark Wash Styled by Steph Online Boutique Granger, IN

Here's a sizing guide that I hope will help! I tend to break my sizing guide down into sections so that you can jump right to your section.

Judy Blue has two size runs: Regular and Plus. The number in parentheses is the waist measurement but remember they stretch a LOT and this measurement is UNSTRETCHED:

Regular: 0 (24), 1 (25), 3 (26), 5 (27), 7 (28), 9 (29), 11 (30), 13 (31), 15 (32) 

Plus: 14W (35), 16W (36), 18W (38), 20W (40) 22W (42), 24W (44)

GENERAL FIT INFO: I know how intimidating it can be to buy jeans online but please trust me when I say you need to size DOWN in Judy Blues! They're that stretchy and comfy! 

If you're used to wearing Misses' sizes 0-14 or 15: Take your highest even size and subtract one for your Judy Blue size. For example, if you usually buy a 10, get a 9 in Judy Blues! If you are between two sizes such as an 8-10, take the middle number which is still a size 9 in these! *If you're a curvy size 14, 15, or XL, see notes below. 

If you're used to wearing Plus size 16-26: Go down one size from your usual size. For example, when I wore a size 18 in pants, I wore a 16W in Judy Blue. When I wore a size 16 in pants, I wore a 14W in JB. The only exception to that rule is stick with your usual size if that size is already very snug on you. So if you wear a size 18 in dress pants but they're snug and tight, go with an 18W in Judy Blues. *If you wear a size 15 or XL, see notes below.

*If you're used to wearing size 14, 15, or XL: If you're used to wearing size 14, 15, or XL AND you're curvy or have a more stocky build, you may be inbetween Judy Blue's Regular and Plus sizes. I recommend that most curvy customers in that size range start with size 15 - the highest size in Judy Blue's Regular size run. For example, I'm currently between a size 14-16 and wear an XL in most pants. Plus, I'm curvy and have heavy legs and Judy Blue size 15 fits me perfectly! If you wear a size 14 and your body shape is more straight without being curvy or having a stocky build, using the Regular fit guide above and sizing down to a 13 will work for you. 

Here's a few photos that might also help:

I'm a curvy 14-16/XL wearing a size 15 in Judy Blue Non-Distressed Bootcut jeans below. I also have heavy legs and they fit perfectly and just as they're supposed to - form-fitting but soooooo comfy because of the spandex throughout and then opening up into a bootcut at the bottom. (And bootcut is not just for boots!!! I wear them with sneakers a lot because they balance out my hips and things!)

Judy Blue Jeans Bootcut Denim Styled by Steph Online Boutique Granger, IN

In this next photo taken on the same day, I'm wearing a size 15 in Judy Blue Tummy Control Espresso Flare Jeans and they again fit me perfectly! 

Judy Blue Espresso Brown Jeans with Flare Bottoms Styled by Steph Online Boutique Granger, IN

Let me know if you still have questions and I'll do my best to help! We sell a lot of Judy Blues which means I also try on and wear a lot of Judy Blues so I'm very familiar with different body types and sizing. :) You're welcome to check out our Denim Collection

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