I have a big goal!

Owning a business can be all-consuming. Especially if you love it and you're passionate about it and want to grow your business. One of the hardest parts of balancing my life is NOT allowing myself to work around the clock. I have so many lists of things to do and so many ideas - I could talk business all day long with anyone who would listen. LOL But my goal for this year is to focus on WORKing efficiently and effectively while I also work on growing. You can read more about My ONE LITTLE WORD for the year is here - 2022 One Little Word
One of the things that I've learned about myself since being diagnosed with ADHD is that I need to remember that visual learning is one of my super-powers. (I love putting a positive spin on ADHD!) So as I set business goals for the boutique this year, I want to see reminders when I can. The visual reminders keep it in the forefront of my mind which also helps me to work more effectively and keep a bit of balance. 
I've owned the business for over 5 years, but I've only been completely independent for just over a year. And there's a LOT to learn and so much room to grow! Even after a year. When your business isn't dependent on one brand, you have to work hard to earn new customers because they aren't finding you via the brand. They're finding you via word-of-mouth, the internet, emails, etc... So I spent the month of January learning and researching and using that info to set goals and look at the direction I wanted to go. And one of the goals is really fun!
So I wanted a fun visual reminder of it and here it is!
I want to ship to every state by the end of the year using Feb. 1st as my start date! I bought a scratch-off map for the boutique and I'm going to scratch off each state as I ship an order there!
I'll update here as I go! And if you've shopped with me in the past, I would love, love for you to tell your friends about me! It's going to be fun!


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