Proof that I love my customers!

The things I do for my customers...

One of the most embarrassing things I've ever done was a recent photo I took for my customers. I took a picture of my butt. Yep, I really did. UGH. And then I panicked and thought, "I posted a photo of my butt on the internet! What was I thinking?" And almost took it down. But it's real life and I'm determined to be real, butt and all.  

 My Facebook group is full of amazingly kind and supportive women - we've been chatting together online for 4.5 years now and are pretty darn comfortable with each other. I've posted some pretty goofy photos of myself before, but I think this is a first. 

But really (pun intended), how you look in joggers is more important now than it's ever been before. Let's face it - we're all wearing joggers, sweatpants, and leggings a lot more often than we used to, right? You might as know that they're going to make you look good from all angles!

Joggers come in charcoal, navy, black, and heathered gray

Join our Facebook group here! We don't always talk about butts, I promise. 

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