It has to feel good, not just look good!

One of my favorite parts of owning a boutique is working with clothing that has a great texture. Color and patterns are probably close seconds, but your clothing has to feel good, not just look good. And texture is the key. 
It's one of the same reasons that I love scrapbooking and quilting and crochet - putting the colors and patterns together is lots of fun, but the texture is arguably the most important part!
We feel better when we're confident about what we're wearing. But that confidence isn't going to last long if the material is scratchy or doesn't stretch where you need it to stretch. So when you're shopping online, check the descriptions to see if they explain how the materials FEEL. Just listing the fabric info isn't enough -  there are a million ways to combine cotton, rayon, polyester, wool, spandex and they all feel differently. 
My current project is updating all of our online descriptions to explain how the material feels and to start either including videos to show the texture or taking close-up photos to show the texture. We're all shopping online so much more than we ever did and you need to know what you're getting. Look at these photos - you can see how they're going to feel, can't you?

I know that there are clothes in my closet that I reach for over and over again and it's because they're so comfortable! It's such an important part of being happy with what you're buying. My goal with my boutique has always been to make you feel good about yourself. You deserve to feel confident about how you look, no matter the size or the shape, and I want you to feel good about your clothing and accessories. You will feel even better and feel so much more confidence when your outfit not only looks good on you, but FEELS great on you!
And really - we all have enough to worry about these days. You don't need to add an uncomfortable or scratchy outfit to the mix!


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