Free Shape & Style Guide

Free Shape & Style Guide Styled by Steph Online Boutique Granger, IN

Let's talk about body shapes!

Whether you love yours, don't love yours, or are frustrated with yours, knowing how to style and dress your body is a very helpful tool!

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and colors but there are a few "typical" body shapes and knowing how to flatter your curves or lack-of-curves will help you shop and make you feel more confident!

When you feel confident about how you look, you feel better, carry yourself with more ease, and usually have an easier time acting with more confidence! Which helps you make better decisions and be brave, as I'm always telling my customers!

Once you know your body shape - or at least see that you're a combo of a couple (every body is different so don't worry if you don't fit into a mold perfectly) - you'll be able to dress yourself to flatter your best features!

With this in mind, I've created a FREE Shape & Style Guide! You can download it and view it online or print it out. I've included real-life examples and photos of me! I'm not afraid to show my real body and how I use these tips to help me shop and dress in a way that makes me feel more confident!

Free Shape & Style Guide | Styled by Steph | Styled by Steph Online Boutique Granger, IN

I hope you enjoy this free guide and that it helps you find ways to highlight certain parts of your body and choose clothes that flatter your individual shape!

Click here to get the link! 

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