Do you Wordle?

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I wordle. LOL!

Wordle is taking over my Facebook and Twitter feed and I get it! It's fun, but also challenging, it takes luck, but also a bit of skill, AND it prompts you to share your results on social media so you can compare your scores to your friends' scores on that same puzzle. And THAT, I think, is the key. 

If you don't know what wordle is, it's a word puzzle that you access on a website and you get 6 guesses to guess the 5-letter word. AND you only get one word per day. The only way to start the game is to simply take a guess and the site then lets you know how close your guess was to the right word.

A lot of people have strategies and always start by using a word that the most common letters in it, such as TEARS, STARE, or they try to guess as many vowels as possible with ADIEU or even try to look for a common ending such as -er with MAKER. I prefer to mix it up and try a bunch of different starter words but I truly don't think it matters. 

What I think makes it so fun is that it's the same word for everyone and by sharing it on your social media, it gives you and your friends a common topic to start the day. It's become a tool to help people CONNECT - you get excited if you guess the word in 3 or fewer tries and frustrated when it takes you all 6 and you see a friend who guessed it in only 2 tries. And everyone is guessing the same word every single day so when you see a friend's score, you can relate to how they got to the correct answer. 

After almost two years of this pandemic, I'm okay with my social media being all the same thing and connecting with people about something! I mean, at least it's more intellectually stimulating than the Tiger King phase of the pandemic!

If you want to play - head here to the Wordle Website and give it a try!


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